Redeemer aspires to enable all students to be the best possible stewards of the talents and skills God has given them.

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At Redeemer Lutheran School, we believe:

Every student is a unique and treasured gift from God.

The classroom should be a safe and welcoming environment where children feel comfortable asking questions and expressing themselves.

Individual learning levels determine appropriate methods of instruction.

Academic work should be geared to each child’s level of development with high expectations for learning progression.

Teachers and parents working together, combined with God’s Word, provide a mighty force for raising children to become mature Christians with character and purpose.

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At Redeemer Lutheran School & Tiny Treasures Preschool we believe that children learn best by actively pursuing their personal interests and curiosities. Children at Redeemer Lutheran School and Tiny Treasures Preschool are encouraged to make choices about the materials they use and the activities they participate in throughout the day. As they pursue their choices and plans, children explore, ask and answer questions, solve problems and interact with other children and adults. In this environment, children naturally engage in key experiences as they involve themselves in activities that foster growth of developmentally important skills and abilities. Although children need to pursue their unique interests and curiosities, they also need to learn about important truths, especially those found in the Word of God. 

Student Thoughts About Redeemer Lutheran School

RLS 6th Grade Student -- “I like Redeemer Lutheran School because there are 10 people in my class, and we have chapel and hot lunch on Wednesdays. I love how all of the teachers work really hard so that the students get a good education. We also go on field trips to learn more about history and science. My class also has P.E., art and music. I believe in Jesus Christ and that He led me to Redeemer.” 

RLS 5th Grade Student -- “I have been going to Redeemer Lutheran School for 3 years now. I love getting to learn about Christ every day! We have the best teachers. I love Wednesdays. It is a special day when we get to worship God and have hot lunch. I am so happy to go to RLS.”

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