Church Staff

Pastor Kurt VanFossan

     Pastor Kurt VanFossan was born in Salem, Ohio in 1956. After attending two years at Kent State University in Ohio (majoring in Aeronautical Flight) and working various jobs including meat packing, land surveying and selling residential real estate, he eventually enrolled at Christ College Irvine (today known as Concordia University, Irvine, California) and received a Bachelor of Arts degree on June 12, 1982.

     Religion was his new major (pre-seminary program), and Social Science was his minor. His seminary education/training included three years of study at Concordia Seminary St. Louis, Missouri, a year of studies at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England’s seminary, Westfield House in Cambridge, England, and a year of vicarage training (three months in England and nine months at Faith Lutheran Church in Denver).

     After graduating from Concordia Seminary (February 27, 1987) he was ordained on March 15 of 1987 and served as a pastor in the US for 10 years, and in the UK for 17 years, before being installed as the pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church on the 7th of September 2014.

     In England, Pastor Van met and married Andrea Heck. They have two children, Jessica and Gregory, one granddaughter, Jacqueline, and two grandsons, Calvin and Jonathan (born to Ben & Jessica Welter), and a daughter-in-law, Laura, married to Gregory.

Church Secretary - Bobbi Koppes

(2 year term)

President - Jacob Oberheu (2022)

Vice President - Cody Weber (2025)

Secretary - Rachel Oberheu (2022)

Treasurer - Vacant

Financial Secretary - Doreen Dwyer (2022)

Board Members

(3 year term)

Board of Elders

Tim Hinz (2023)

Phil Dwyer (2023)

Rick Oberheu (2022)

Jace Holden (2026)

Board of Trustees

Josh Heinecke (2023)

Herb Kruger (2024)

Chuck Sidor (2024)

Ed Morris (2026)

Board of Education

Alissa Heinecke (2023)

Andrea Van Fossan (2024)

Bruce Nelson (2024)


Board of Youth Ministry

Amber Miller (2023)

Herb Kruger (2024)

Holly Kruger (2024)

Lowell Kindschy (2024)

Parish School Board

Sue Kindschy (2023)

Michael Althaus (2024)

Sarah Weber (2024)

Paul Althaus (2024)

Bobbi Koppes (2024)

Cody Weber (2024)

Ruby Weber (2024)

Janell Oberheu (2023)

Board of Evangelism

Amber Miller (2023)

Holly Kruger (2024)

Board of Stewardship

Doreen Dwyer (2022)